From our office, in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley, we are able to offer global representation and world class events in the various venues here in southern Nevada, and abroad. We've worked and booked venues such as college campuses, casinos, fairs and festivals etc, to hold events of live performances with the latest top 40's acts or a speaking engagement from a current popular entrepreneur or social media personality.

O4L’s talent roster includes the full spectrum of Artists’ in their various levels of success in their  career trajectories: emerging Artists, Artists currently at the height of their career and we even include some of the living legends of yesterday's performances. We pride ourselves in having the ability to identify true talent, and successfully tailor and book that talent globally, and not just locally.  Our booking agents build vital and solid relationships with our talent in order to curate and grow the artist in the development of their career. This ensures both success for the artist as well the agency.


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Artist Roster

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Exceptional in Live Music and Events. O4L Digital.

O4L is exceptional in live music, worldwide – encompassing the most vibrant and extensive roster of Artists across all genres.

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